Everest MA-1 Patch Editor


Unsolicited Comments from Users
  • "I was really impressed by high quality of your program."
  • "...with the editor Everest (great tool and very cheap) you can download Pinnacle bankfiles..."
  • "Your program is very good, I am prepared to paying for him"
  • "Everest is superb! I had a play with it last night.  Its about time someone unleashed the power of the MA Chip on the Pinnacle. Well done it far superior to Turtle Beach's.  I loaded a wav file into recycle chopped it up and saved them as wavs loaded them into your drum wizard and Bingo an awesome sample set in a few minutes and with no sample cutoff problem!! Well done Mark, keep up the excellent work."
  • "I think you did a great job with your editor. I firmly believe that all in the computer/music community should have as many choices as possible and I would not hesitate to recommend it as an alternative to the PPE..." (comment from Turtle Beach representative)
  • "GREAT job on Everest - I'm using it on the Apex and it really opens up the synth engine. I feel like someone just gave me a six speed transmission for my Ferrari! Keep up those updates!"
  • "Everest is a great app !! thanks so much for writing it and continuing to improve it."
  • "First of all Your program is GREAT. Excellent idea  really.Much easyer to work with. .... and The Drum Wizard ...No comment ! "
  • "I've been messing with the new Everest Alpha, and it's the bomb."
  • "Thanks for developing Your fine piece of software."
  • "I am very close to purchasing an Apex sound card and would probably be buying your editor as it looks a good deal better than the one that AVM has just released."
  • "Firstly...    THANK YOU,  THANK YOU,  THANK YOU!! The editor is excellent.  I'm using it on the Apex sound card, and your program helps us who, rather than being sound theorists and technicians, are muscians, and need to be able to mold our sounds quickly and efficiently.  Once again, thank you for providing the software that enables us to do so.  I've had the card since last summer and have been anxiously awaiting a good program to come along.  Tha AVM editor is just entirely too confusing, in my opinion."
  • "My wife hates your program" ?!
  • "Everest is working perfectly for me now; I'm never going back to PPE."
  • "Well, everytime I send Marc a message I can't help first gushing about how exceptional Everest is, and the unprecedented rate at which updates are released and his interaction and support with its users, etc... Bravo, Marc!! Cheers! NOW we can create MUSIC."
  • "The synth editor called PPE from TBeach is a cruel joke developed by sadistice geeks in white lab coats FOR sadistic geeks in white lab coats. Fortunately a new editor just came out called Everest which makes designing key-maps and drum maps a joy instead of a long trip to HELL.  TBeach should bundle Everest with each Pinnacle and put the bastards that designed PPE up against a wall and open fire!" (from Usenet post)
  • These comments were posted to the TB multisound mailing list:
Date:    Thu, 13 Aug 1998 23:47:11 +0100
From:    tim hill <tim@SIBLE.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Odp: Re: [MS] Everest Tech Assist - Mark L. - read this pls !

I agree,

Three cheers for Mark Lakata,

A man on a mission

Thanks for all your help

In article <01bdc3f9$bb701600$47fa74c3@zbyszek-1>, Ziggi Zag
<ziggi@FREE.POLBOX.PL> writes
>Yes Indeed !
>My myself I have also the same feeling - he always tried to help me with my
>questions as well. That is what I would call - responsible marketing!
>Of course - this could not last for ever and more and more advanced
>help/turorial/FAQ could resolve many problems on the fly. In fact the
>Everest tutorial available on MTL site is quite good. Mark - it really
>good - the only think missing is exact discription of how to implement
>sample "release" part (the part played after key release) - I know this is a
>hard to understand for many peaople. Or perhaps the final version of Everest
>could include this useful feature (wizard) - how do you think ?
>>On Friday night I sent an e-mail to Mark Lakata at Everest because I
>>couldn't understand how to get Cakewalk to display the new bank file
>>names in my custom .pbf file.  Well, Mark replied within 24 hours with
>>a lengthy explanation (this, although my questions were more about
>>Cakewalk than Everest).
>>I just want to say that I truly appreciate that quick response from
>>Mark - it is not usual for this kind of personal service in the
>>computer biz.
>>Thank you Mark !

  • The Radium hackers gave me a wonderful review. I am honored that someone took the time to crack my registration scheme, the bastards.  By the way, I have modified version 1.48 to automatically detected hacked versions.  I won't tell you what the program will do in the event it discovers a hacked version, but it isn't pretty. Revenge is a dish best served cold.