Everest MA-1 Patch Editor



Some people report that some banks saved with Everest don't load with PPE6, but I have not been able to reproduce this problem.  They have sent me the .pbf file that didn't work with their copy of PPE, and it loaded fine on my copy of PPE6.  It may be related to the version of the Pinnacle Drivers used.  Please tell me about any banks that don't work. 

Sometimes, the little tooltips for the virtual keyboard that display the notes (like "C5") don't work anymore.  I don't understand the cause of this, but deleting the everest.ini file and restarting seems to fix the problem. The problem with this is that you lose your registration.  Make sure you back up your everest.ini file just in case!

Some banks saved by PPE didn't work with Everest before 1.45.  Version 1.45 attempts to catch these buggy banks and fix them. If you have a .pbf bank that works with PPE but still does not work with Everest, please tell me.

Sometimes when deleting objects, the MA-1 device hangs the computer, requiring a hard reset.   Please let me know if it happens.

There is a documented bug in COMCTL32.DLL which causes a crash in the bank editor when you drag and drop a program.  You can fix this one of two ways:

  1. Install Internet Explorer 4.01 or newer.
  2. Download and run the program 40comupd.exe which installs a new version of COMSTL32.DLL.  This patch is from Microsoft.  I have verified that version 4.71.0544.1 of COMCTL32.DLL works fine.  The version that shipped with IE4.00 had a bug I believe.  To determine your version number, right click on the icon of the DLL in the C:\windows\system directory, select properties, and then the version tab.  Note: Microsoft has moved the link to this program before. If you can't find it, try a search on www.microsoft.com for "40comupd.exe" and then tell me. For more information , try this article.