Everest MA-1 Patch Editor



(Sep 20,1999) Version 1.4D
Several bugs with the Bank Editor and SF2 were fixed.

(May 29, 1999) IE5 Incompatibility

I have 2 reports that Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 (IE5) does not get along with Everest, and cause frequent crashes.  Don't upgrade to IE5 if you can help it until I determine the cause.

(Apr 1, 1999) Version 1.4B

The infernal "no reply form synth" bug is gone now, for sure.  Also, you can save/load mixer settings.  And this is no April Fool's joke!

(Jan 3, 1999) Version 1.4A

Version 1.4A has zillions of overdue bug fixes.  Also very important: this version will automatically preserve your registration EVEN if you reinstall Windows.  Just make a backup of the everest.ini file on a floppy disk (done automatically from File/Properties/Registration).

(Dec 24, 1998) Version 1.49

Version 1.48 worked fine in my debug version, but it crashed in the release version. I fixed this problem, which may have fixed the "synth not responding" message some users experienced, too. I also included the NRPNs for the Reverb editor.  This is still crude, but now you know nearly as much as I do about the reverb algorithm.

(Dec 13, 1998)

Please contact me if you purchased Everest on CDROM through "Multimedia & Music" based in Australia.

(Nov 30, 1998) Sound Bank page updated

I've made a single page with all MA-1 patches, and fixed the link to my VL1 bank which was broken for some time :)

(Nov 20, 1998) Pinnacle Upgrade Information

The Pinnacle upgrade gives you (a) 200K of program RAM (b) Sample transposition bug fix.  You trade your current Pinnacle for a refurbished Rev D board.

The upgrade cost is $49.95 + shipping and handling. 

Shipping & handling for Switzerland (for example) is $36.35 (sorry 'bout that. I know it's steep) and foreign customers will also be subject to duties and import taxes per their countries local rules (ouch!). These prices are for Fed Ex Int'l Delivery (3 to 5 business days in Europe).

Once you agree to the terms and conditions expressed in Frank's email, please send a Fax to 914-966-1093 attention Strati with a copy of the original purchase receipt. On the cover page please include your full name, full mailing address, Fax number, Email address, as well as a valid credit card #, name as printed on the credit card & expiration date.
You card will be charged the amount of $49.95+shipping. Also, if you suspect something is wrong with your old board, please describe it briefly on the cover page. Once we receive your Fax, we will issue an RMA # so that you may send ONLY the (plain vanilla) Pinnacle board, with no Ram, no daughter-board attached on it, no manuals etc. After we test your old Pinnie and verify that it is functioning in all respects, we will ship a refurbished 200K board.

(Rumor: Originally, the refurbished boards were rev-D or rev-E, but I have heard that refurbished rev-F boards are being sent now... don't know for sure, ask Strati@voyetra)

Address queries to Tech@tbeach.com or Strati@voyetra.com.

(Sep 14, 1998)

Beta testing of the 256K Pinnacle upgrade is underway at MTL Labs (yes, it is a reality!). Other developement is on hold for a few months while I write my PhD thesis, although I've get a short list of bug fixes that may be fixed soon.  The latest version is 1.47.