Everest MA-1 Patch Editor


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 Everest is a shareware Windows 95/98/NT program for editing the Kurzweil MA/1 synthesizer, currently a part of the Turtle Beach Pinnacle and AVM Apex semi-pro audio cards.  It is constantly evolving, and this feature list constantly gets longer!

Current Features 

  • Works with AVM Technology Apex and Turtle Beach Pinnacle!
  • Layout
    • Intuitive "mixer" layout of most of the controls for editing a program!
    • Visually browse or edit all layers simultaneously!
    • Fast access to all of the parameters!
    • Real-time feel controls!
    • Hierarchical modulator editor!
    • Virtual Keyboard monitors all notes being played!
    • Bank Editor, lets you create custom banks from existing banks!
    • Stereo Layers, Keymaps and Samples!
    • Frequency Spectrum tool to find original note!
    • Use with your favorite Wave Editor!
  • Wizards!
    • SampleStore creates complete programs from .WAV files!
    • Drum Kit Wizard for fast importing of drum wave data!
    • Tonal Program Wizard makes multisample mapping virtually automatic!
    • Microtuning Wizard lets you set up exotic (non equal) temperaments!
  • Works with lots of existing formats!
    • Native support for *.pbf (Turtle Beach's Pinnacle Bank File format)
    • Everest MA-1 bank format (.emb) - embedded and lossless-compressed samples!
    • Imports *.sf2 files (SoundFont2  compatibility) (please read notes below)!
    • Imports *.krz files (Kurzweil K2000 format)  (please read notes below)!
    • Loads and Saves MIDI Sysex banks.
    • Imports *.apex (AVM Sample Studio format) (based on beta 2 version)
  • Hardware limitation workarounds!!
    • Automatic conversion to 15 bits to circumvent firmware distortion bug on Pinnacle. (When TB fixes the problem, you can just turn off the mode and be happy!)
    • Sample polyphony problem fixed for programs that are percussive, ignoring note off!
    • Other firmware bugs are automatically fixed!
Future Features (expect to see them in the summer of 98) 
  • Better keymap editing
  • Better importing of .sf2 and .krz
 Click on the screen shot to get a full resolution picture! (it's a little old, but pretty close to the actual look)