Unfortunately, the FunkyEL Sequencer is not available. The project has been cancelled. If you are interested in getting unprogrammed board, you can contact me. This is for advanced tinkerers only, with a PIC development system.

Funky EL Sequencer (FEL2DC). Includes:
  • Funky EL sequencer box
  • Premium USB Cable with Mini B connector
  • 1.3mm DC power plug with cable, for connecting to the battery or power supply of your choice (6V to 12V)
  • Drivers and Programming software for Windows 2000 or Windows XP (Contact me for Linux or Mac drivers or for USB protocol documentation)
  • Simple sample programs
  • Free upgrades of firmware or software for lifetime of product (Available from this website)
  • 2 RJ-45 connectors with 1 foot of 8-conductor cable.
  • Instructions on wiring up to EL inverters
  • n/a
    9V Inverters (400-600cm length) n/a
    12V Inverters (400-600cm length) n/a






    Please send email to  <> if you are interested in this product. We are working to get a distributor and/or online ordering, but currently due to the low volume, we do not have an automated system for orders.


    Qromodyn Corporation presents...

    The Funky EL Sequencer


    • 14 Individually programmable outputs
    • Each output good for 1Amp at the DC voltage of your supply (6V-12V).
    • Low Voltage DC switching
    • Outputs can be pulse width modulated (PWM) for variable output
    • Programmable via USB (software included for Windows)
    • Small Box
    • Green LED indicator for each channel!

    The Funky EL sequencer takes the drudgery out of creating complicated sequences for EL wire, or any other light source.  Unlike many EL sequencers, the Funky EL sequencer switches only low voltage.  This means you need to connect one inverter per channel to the sequencer.  The main advantage of this is that each channel can be given an inverter tuned to the length of the wire.  This means the light output is optimized and there is no dimming if multiple EL strands are turned on simultaneously.  In addition, the Funky EL can be used to sequence other light sources such as LEDs or incandescent lights (12V or less, 10 Watts or less).

    The sequencer is rated to 1 Amp per channel, so you can power big inverters with this, up to hundreds of feet.

    Programming is done via USB.  The programming language offers many features typical of music synthesizers, such as LFO modulators, Decay envelopes and multivoice sequences.  Programming can be as simple as entering 1's and 0's for a looped patterns, or as intricate as assigning multiple modulators to each EL wire channel.


    3-Wire Demo

    This is a low-res video of the product in action, showing 3 EL wires chasing with variable speed. The pseudocode for this demo is

             Triangle LFO (min=0,max=15,rate=15) -> Sequence Rate
             Sequence -> Wires #10,#11,#13

    This demo simply cycles through a chase pattern on three EL wires, with a rate that rises and falls with time.  Note the green LED indicators are replicating the pattern on the 3 EL wires.

    Variable Light Demo

    This is a low-res video of the prototype in action, showing one EL wire pulsating with variable intensity. The pseudocode for this demo is
             Triangle LFO (min=0,max15,rate=15)->Wire #0

    Play the Funky EL Demo Movie (mpeg4 format)

    Box Tour:

    • DC power input (6V to 12V)
    • On/Off Switch
    • 14 Green LEDs
    • Mini USB-B connector (cable included)
    • Dual RJ-45 outputs ("Ethernet style")

    The pin-outs for the RJ-45 connectors are

    Pin 1 = Common +V voltage

    Pins 2-8 = Switched Ground connection for channels 0-6 or 7-13

    Note that the common is a positive voltage, while the channels are switches to ground. This means that you will connect all of the "red" leads of your inverters to pin 1 of the connector, and the "black" leads of your inverters to the other pins.

    Left RJ-45

    Pin 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
    Description EL13 EL12 EL11 EL10 EL9 EL8 EL7

    +V Common

    Right RJ-45

    Pin 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
    Description EL6 EL5 EL4 EL3 EL2 EL1 EL0

    +V Common

    Not included:

    • EL Wire
    • EL Inverters.  The outputs are rated for up to 1 Amp.
    • Battery pack. The sequencer will run with any supply from 6V to 12V. You can run from a 9V battery, 4 AA cells, 8 D cells, or a AC/DC power supply (12V or less) depending on the load from the EL wire and the inverters. You will need to obtain your own battery pack and solder in the supplied power cable.
    • Creativity for the programming. :)

    For More Information

    Please send email to  <> if you are interested in this product.