White's Point Underground Plotting Room

These pictures were taken in the late 1980's while I was in high school. They document our expedition into the plotting room of the gun battery. It's been so long, I don't remember many of the details. I think the gun range was World War II era ... Huge guns under massive concrete bunkers.

The main entrance to the plotting room was welded shut, but the emergency access ladder was still unlocked. We snuck into the base through a hole in the fence, then climbed down the rotted wooden ladder. The entrance looked like a sewer access cover. In reality, it was an escape shaft for the plotting room about 30' underground . Inside, there were 4 rooms..

At the bottom, the first thing we saw behind the steel door were the remains of a brutal human sacrifice! Except it turned out to be a plastic doll. The first room was about 10' x 20' and had an electrical equipment rack in the center, that someone attached a doll's head too, which was pretty eerie

Next came the main plotting room. Nothing was left, except sloped counter tops for writing notes, apparently. The ceiling was acoustic tiling. Next was a big room, about 20'x30', with black acoustic tiling on the walls.

In the back of the main room, were the rest room (with toilet and urinals intact) and the power station. There was a large diesel generator there. The door at the end of the hallway was locked.

Also criss-crossing much of the hills of Palos Verdes are underground tunnels. Many have collapsed. Talk to the guy who runs the military museum at Ft. McArthur and ask him.

Around 1987, the area nearby was developed into housing, and the steel door at the bottom of this shaft was welded shut and all the rungs on the wooden ladder were broken. I do not know if the entire shaft was totally sealed or what. It might still be there.

Gun Battery

These huge gun installations are still there. The concrete is super thick, like 8-10 feet thick, to withstand bombs from above.

This hanger is not there anymore.

Here is an ariel shot from 1987, pretty close to the time I was last there.

Here is an ariel shot from 2004. Note the new (spanish tile) housing development near the left bunker. That was being built while we explored the base. I am not sure if the access tube is still there or not, since it was right on the edge of the housing development.